How to Cash Out From Your Customers Pain Points or Challenges

Customers Pains and Solutions

Customers pains - To know the challenges your customers are facing regarding your products or services, you will have to do a research on them to know what they really want.

In conducting that research you will use a tool called User Persona Canva. This is a tool used in analyzing your target market.

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Business Design Tools - Solutions to Customers Pains

Business Design Tools

The previous discussion on this subject was on the top: 'Business Design Series - Design Methodology | Design Mindset | Design Tools.'

There are so many business design tools you can use in design but they all depend on the type of challenge you are facing in your business.

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Business Design series - Design methodology | Design mindset | Design tools

Business Design series.

This article addresses the business owners and Executives with the following pain points or challenges

1. Business owners and Executives who aren’t generating profit...

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Mechatronics Engineering offers plenty of chances to its students

The stream, which includes significantly modern applications, offers various open doors in mechatronics as well as in different aspects like electrical, PC building, systems and so on.

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